• You will require equipment for indoor weed growing. Lights, soil, fertilizer, fans, pots and soil will be needed as well as an electrical source. Learn More...

  • Hydro weed growing can be rewarding but also difficult at the same time. You will require a hydroponics setup that can be expensive but is a one time expense. Learn More...

  • curing marijuana is important to ensure you get the best bud with the most flavor for smoking. This can be the most important step in the growing process. Learn More...

  • All cannabis started growing outdoors under natural light. It was only until recently that humans began indoor weed horticulture. If you are going to grow outdoors we can help.Learn More...
Growing Marijuana Questions
If you are new to growing weed and need the best tips for indoor and outdoor weed growing then our forum and step by step guide will help you with horticulture of the best plants. If you are starting by growing marijuana seeds all the way to hydroponics, choosing lights and harvesting we have all the information you need to grow the best bud.

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Growing Marijuana Seeds
Growing weed from seed is the first step in the process and can be difficult to choose if you are a beginner. You will have to decide if you want to buy feminized marijuana seeds, indica, sativa or autoflowering. Other questions for your plants is how high do you want and what method will you choose for germinating your cannabis seeds.

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Marijuana Equipment Used For Growing & Smoking Weed
Marijuana vaporizers are becomming popular as the best method instead of smoking weed.
Marijuana Growing lights such as LED and fluorescent are important to increase your yields.
Bongs and Pipes for smoking weed come in glass, metal and other materials.
Hydroponics Germination
You can grow weed using hydroponics which requires no soil and can be easy.

White Widow
The White Widow strain is a previous winner of the cannabis cup and is known for having white crystals on the leaves of the plants. This strain also has very high THC levels and is one of the most popular strains of weed for beginner and advanced bud growers.

OG Kush
The most popular cannabis strain in California due to its extreme THC levels and long euphoric effecs. This pot plant when smoked can give you a wake up similar to coffee so it is not recommended to smoke before you want to sleep.

Super Silver Haze
This pot strain won the cannabis cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999. A combination of SKunk, Northern Light and Haze it is typically growing indoors under hydro and is best to grow by someone with experience as the it can be difficult when growing inside.

Jack Herer
This new strain is similar to Jack Herrer in that it was reinvented by Nirvana by crossing strains such as Haze X Skunk and Northern Lights. Similar to Jack Herer the marijuana activist but different in the fact that it is large sativa.


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