Reasons Why Marijuana Plants Grow Tall and what to do about it

For those who intentionally wanted to grow marijuana plants coming from the sativa variety as well as hybrids that become tall when fully grown, most of them are using a technique to prevent their ladies from growing too tall. But for those who still don't know what to do, it is best to understand some basics on why their cannabis plant grows tall and what can be done to at least prevent it from growing too tall.

Reasons Why Marijuana Plants Grow Tall and what to do about it

It the Genetics

It is all about genes. If you are growing a strain that grows tall, then you cannot do much about it and just have to employ some techniques to prevent it from reaching the sky. Just like other plants, cannabis plants tend to reach high as far as they can towards the light. If you are growing indoor, you will notice your plant reaching for the lights on the ceiling slowly but surely. Weed genetics that are not stabilized also tend to have irregular growing pattern so don't be surprised if a supposed to be medium height pot plant appears to be growing too tall.

Topping Marijuana Plants

Though avoided by some, this is still practiced a lot by some growers. It is a technique used not only to prevent the weed plants from growing too tall but also for it to be able to produce more colas in the process. Though they cannot be expected to produce more than their maximum capacity because it is already genetically pre-determined.


This is a method used not only to prevent cannabis plants from growing too tall but also to get rid of dead or dying leaves. Its main purpose is to keep the plant healthy and to prevent diseases from setting in or spreading. Pruning is also done to concentrate the growth on a certain part.


This is perhaps the most popular method and part of the LST technique being used by marijuana growers. It does not involve cutting or pruning and just require that the weed plant be bent to prevent it from growing vertically. It should be done slowly to prevent the breakage of stems and also in a gradual manner. Growth is prevented for a while because the weed plant will have to adjust to its new position.

Will Pruning affect the yield of my marijuana plants?

No. In fact the weed plants become healthier when pruning is done properly. It allows the plant to concentrate on its healthy parts without the pruned parts.

What is LST?

LST is short for Low Stress Technique and its counterpart is HST or High Stress technique. Both are used by experienced marijuana growers in preventing the plant from growing too tall and also to maximize its flowering and yield potentials.

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