Why allow Female Marijuana Plants to be Pollinated

For a lot of marijuana growers, it is important to grow female plants that are called sensimilla in order to get the most THC or CBD content from their crops. This is especially true if the growing weed plants are meant for commercial production, meaning they will sell the buds later for smoking purposes. If the female pot plants are pollinated, they will start to produce seeds instead of concentrating on producing THC. Buds with seeds have very low THC content and not ideal for smoking.

Why allow Female Marijuana Plants to be Pollinated

This is not to say that male weed plants have no use whatsoever. For a good number of growers, they purposely grow male cannabis for the sake of propagating the strain that they have. This is especially true if they found an ideal strain and also to cross breed for the purpose of producing a hybrid of 2 strains. They select the best among the lot and grow male marijuana plants which they will mate with an ideal female. The seeds produced by the female weed plant will then be a hybrid that they will grow and determine if the genetic qualities are good for continuing this new strain.

Pollinating a female marijuana plant can have many benefits foremost of which are getting a new strain in case of a hybridization, continuing the line of growing excellent strains, and saving money in terms of not having to buy new seeds to grow marijuana plants. Though a lot of growers prefer raising feminized cannabis plants, it is also a strategy of breeders to make sure to a certain extent that you will continue to buy strains from them because you cannot have a chance of propagating the genetics of your weed plants unless cloning is done in this regard. But cloning is not preferred by many growers and so pollination is needed at a certain point to ensure you will have continuity of growing weed plants of your choice.

I have a single male plant along with 7 females, can they all be pollinated at the same time?

It is highly possible that all of them will be pollinated. This is because the pollen of male weed plants is airborne or carried by the wind and once they reach the buds of female marijuana plants, they become pollinated and will produce seeds.

If I have 2 male cannabis plants and allowed them to pollinate the females in my grow room, is there a chance that I can identify which was pollinated by what male pot strain?

If you are growing several varieties of marijuana plants, this may not be possible because the pollen is airborne and transfers to female buds regardless of strain. Breeding and growing marijuana plants require a scientific approach and the strain to be crossed must be properly identified to make the necessary recording of the breeding process.

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