When is the right time to harvest marijuana buds

In about 6 to 12 weeks after the marijuana plants start bearing flowers, it is supposed to be ready for harvest. The color of the gland is a good indicator when to ideally harvest your weed crop. The buds have ripened when the glands turn from clear to milky to amber color. In some purple strains and classic outdoor varieties, the glands are darker and purple. When 50% of the trichomes have turned creamy or milky, the pot plant has reached its maturity and genetic potential. It has a balanced cerebral and physical high. If you want the effect to be more sedative and physical tone, you should wait until the buds change to amber color. But most of the marijuana hybrids and new varieties now can easily give the effect and the high that you want regardless of the growing and harvest techniques.

When is the right time to harvest marijuana buds

It is up to the grower's preference whether to harvest early or late. If you want more of a cerebral high, you can harvest early when the THC content is higher. In the later stage of the flowering period, the THC turns to CBD so when you harvest later, you will get more CBD in your weed crop which gives out stoned body effect. It is up to the cannabis grower when is the right time to harvest the marijuana plant. Usually when 50% to 65% of the hairs changes color, it is a good time to collect your weeds.

For commercial marijuana growers, they prefer to wait a little longer until the buds are over-ripe. Extra resins are produced and this increases the weight but by that time the THC content is much lower and the cerebral potency is decreased. During harvest time, avoid touching the cannabis buds to keep the THC level intact. If you are an inexperienced weed grower, you can use magnifying glass to check on the color of the trichomes.

What is THC?

THC is a chemical compound and stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol (C21H30O2). At the last stage flowering cycle, THC begins to break down and turns into Cannabinol, or CBN (C21H26O2), through oxidization process. THC delivers a euphoric and upbeat high while CBN provides stoned and narcotic effect. THC is produced in almost all parts of the cannabis plant.

How do I test the buds?

If you get excited and want to test your first bud, you can cut a small bud to try out if 10% of the pistils have changed to reddish brown color. Then you can dry it quickly for smoking to check how your crop tastes and smells.

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