Ways to Protect Marijuana Plants in an outdoor Growing Environment

Outdoors is undoubtedly the best environment for growing marijuana. It is their natural environment and though they can adapt to different environments like indoors, still it is best if the weed plant is given the chance to flourish in its natural surroundings. But even if they are in their ideal outdoor environment, chances are they also become open to attacks of their natural predators. This is the necessary consequence of leaving them out in the open as they are exposed not only to the benefits of air and sunlight but also to other hostile elements.

Ways to Protect Marijuana Plants in an outdoor Growing Environment

Protecting from Pollution

Those living in cities and growing marijuana plants in their garden expose their grow to the harmful effects of pollution. The chemicals and toxins may affect the taste when they are smoked so it is best to protect the cannabis plants from this harmful effect. One way to do this is to grow in a greenhouse or just decide to grow indoors.

Protecting from Animals and pets

House pets like cats and dogs may develop an attraction to the pot plants especially when it emits an inviting aroma so they should be in a cage or at least the plants are enclosed. This is also true in the case of open field growing of marijuana plants. Animals like deer and even bears in some states can destroy the entire crop just by nibbling on the leaves and buds. One remedy is to spray the leaves with pepper. This makes it repulsive to most animals and they will avoid eating or even smelling your weed plants.

Protecting from Thieves and the authorities

The only solution to this is never tell anyone that you're into growing cannabis plants. Always keep it a secret and never tell anyone about it. The moment it gets noticed by others, it is time to relocate your marijuana plants to another place or leave it and deny any knowledge about it if it is a guerrilla growing technique.

How do I protect them from pests?

This is easy and a regular undertaking for every weed grower. Buy an organic type of insecticide and keep it ready in case you notice any pests or parasites that start to develop and make a colony on your weed plants.

When is the right time to use insecticide?

As soon as you noticed some parasites, mold, or fungus starting to develop. In the case of buds, you may need to harvest immediately if you notice them developing mold to save other buds.

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