Ways of Feeding Marijuana Plants During its Vegetative Growth

There are several methods used to feed marijuana plants and the methods also differ according to the stage of growth where the plants are. It also differs in the manner of growing used like outdoor or indoor methods. Given the different requirements in each stage of the growing process as well as the method or system used, the grower must be familiar with the basic but essential requirements needed to feed the weed plants. Though essentially strong and can survive easily as compared with other ordinary crops, cannabis plants still need nutrients to make them strong and flourish to their full potential.

Ways of Feeding Marijuana Plants During its Vegetative Growth

Outdoor Growing

Perhaps outdoor growing is the easiest way to feed the pot plants. Using soil that is ideal for growing and with enough nutrients to begin with, the vegetation period is already cleared for the grower. In fact, there are weed plants that do not need to be supplied with nutrients at all as the soil easily takes care of what it needs. One of the best ways to determine if the soil is ideal for growing weed is to put worms on it. If they stay, then it is a good soil but if not, then it must be replaced. Mixing compost is also one great and inexpensive way of keeping the soil healthy.

Indoor Growing

In an indoor set-up, more is needed in terms of nutrients and fertilizer requirement because the pot plants are in an artificial environment so everything must be supplied for them to flourish. It becomes more expensive in a hydro set-up where the nutrients are supplied by mixing it in water then fed to the roots in a scheduled manner. The leaves of marijuana plants must also be watered with nutrients to ensure that it stays fresh even under intense lighting system.


In this growing system, the nutrients are also mixed in water and then sprayed into the roots that are suspended in mid air. There are automated set-ups where the spraying is done automatically in a timed manner.

Can Marijuana plants survive without being supplied with nutrients?

It depends. If they are grown in an ideal environment with healthy soil, they can actually survive and flourish on their own. This is one reason why they are also called weed plants because they are like grass that will survive on almost any type of soil.

Why do I need to mix the nutrients with water?

This is to ensure immediate delivery of the nutrients to the roots. If they were to be put on top of the soil just like some fertilizers, it may take long for the nutrients to reach the roots.

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