Unmistakable Advantages of Growing Hybrid Marijuana Plants

With so many hybrid marijuana strains available worldwide, growers are left to grow most hybrid weed plants in the process. Though there are of course still a lot of pure landrace strains, their number has already been engulfed by the plenitude of hybrid varieties flooding the market and the number is still increasing with no end in sight. Sometimes some growers are saying that there is really not much choice anymore between hybrids and pure landraces because there is not much of the latter available to begin with. This is actually not true because the overwhelming number of hybrids is actually the result of growing demands from marijuana growers themselves and the growing field is still wide open for more hybrids to come in the future.

Unmistakable Advantages of Growing Hybrid Marijuana Plants

Hybrids are easier to grow

Compared to landrace weed plants, hybrids are easier to grow because breeders have already eliminated the unwanted characteristics from its genetics.

Yield is higher

True hybrids can give bigger yield in a shorter period of time unlike landraces that finishes long and does not have much to offer in yield.

The best of both sativa and indica in one plant

Hybrids resulting from the cross between sativa and indica enable a weed plant grower to produce buds that will give the best of both worlds in terms of sativa and indica high ion just one smoke.

Breeders can produce Hybrids with special characteristics

Take for instance the very famous UK Cheese that breeders especially concocted to come up with that unique cheese aroma. There is so much that can be done when marijuana strains are hybridized and that is why they are very popular.

What are the disadvantages of growing hybrid marijuana strains if there are any?

The only disadvantage is if you get the strain from an unreliable source where you may grow a weed plant with unstable genetics.

Can landrace varieties be hybridized also?

Yes. Breeders actually grow landrace cannabis strains and cross them with other strains. Landrace strains are very good source of genetics because they are considered and actually tested as true breeding parents with very stable genetics.

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