To Flower or not to Flower Growing Marijuana Plants

The title alone may make you wonder if it is possible to flower or not a marijuana plant. Some growers believe that plants have a natural life cycle and you cannot stop them from flowering and eventually dying. This is true actually but what is missing in the picture is the ability of weed growers to prolong the vegetative stage of cannabis plants. Grown outdoors, pot plants have its own life cycle the duration of which is determined by the strain to which it belongs. Sativa is known to last longer than indica varieties and they will eventually die once they are harvested and another batch is grown when the right timing in season comes.

To Flower or not to Flower Growing Marijuana Plants

Grown indoors, marijuana plants can last for about ten years in the vegetation stage. Yes, they can last that long without flowering. The secret is to expose them to a 24 hour light cycle non-stop. They will mature and grow bushy and will replace dead leaves with new ones. It will stay in that cycle until its biological clock stops ticking after many years. But this is only for academic purposes and definitely not the purpose when you grow weed plants in your grow room. Your ultimate objective is to flower them as early as possible so you can en joy their buds in due time.

Allowing marijuana plants to finish its vegetation the natural way may take long as in the case of outdoor grown pot plants. This is not the case of indoor growing because we can hasten their growth and introduce them to flowering earlier than the usual. The technique is to switch to a 12/12 light cycle and in a short time, you will see your growing marijuana plants start the flowering stage. Growers are debating whether early flowering is better than late flowering. The proponents of late flowering argues that full maturity is needed before weed plants should be flowered for more potency while those who favour early flowering have proof to show that yield is better when early flowering is made.

Which is better between the early flowering and late flowering?

It will depend on your intentions. Judging by the usual results, early flowering is better if you are a commercial grower of weed plants and late or full-term flowering is better if you will smoke your own harvest.

Can I use early flowering in an outdoor set-up?

If you live in a place where there is an almost balanced light and dark cycle, then it is possible for your weed plants to flower earlier than those in a different outdoor setting.

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