Tips to Avoid Pollination of Female Marijuana Plants

When you decide to grow marijuana plants especially for the first time, you want to make sure that you will raise mostly if not all female versions and not male weed plants. This is because the immediate concern in most cases is to know first-hand how the buds and leaves would taste when smoked as well as the high that can be experienced from smoking it. This is always the primordial concern when growing cannabis plants and rightly so because you want to be fully familiar with the kind of strain you are growing. But how do you make sure that you will grow only sensimilla pot plants? Follow these basic tips:

Tips to Avoid Pollination of Female Marijuana Plants

Grow Female weed plants

This is the easiest way to grow marijuana plants that are all female. The technology for feminizing marijuana strains is slowly improving and if you can buy from respected breeders, you can be sure to have all female weed plants.

Grow cannabis clones

By far the most effective to make sure that you will grow female plants. Clones will have exactly what genetics the mother plant has. If an excellent mother has been chosen, you can be sure to produce multitudes of it through cloning. Some growers claim that you can practice this method numerous times and there will be no genetic impairment that will result in the process. For best results however, four generations of clones are enough and you can proceed to cloning other strains to grow.

Identify and separate male and hermaphrodites

This is the usual method performed long before feminized strain came into commercial availability. It requires having the ability to distinguish male from female growing pot plants. Timing is also an important factor because identification must be done before the actual pollination of female by male plants. Once you get familiar with how they look like the task becomes very easy and this is also true in the case of timing when to identify and separate them.

I would like to grow my own bred marijuana plants, how can I make sure only one female is pollinated?

You have to completely separate the male and female wee plants from the rest of the crops if they were to be bred together. Since pollination can be made by carrying the pollen in the air and ventilation system, it is best to get them as far as possible from the rest.

If hermaphrodites also flower and part female and male, why can't they be grown?

It is because hermaphrodites are just like a male marijuana plant in terms of very low THC content. Also, they are mistakes of nature that must not be propagated because they have no actual beneficial use for smoking.

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