Tips in Identifying and Growing a Cash Cropper Marijuana Strain

Nowadays it is one of the objectives of many growers to grow marijuana plants that can make them earn money. This is one reason why "cash cropper" has been coined and it is in reference to strains that have many commercially attractive attributes. Not just any pot strain can qualify as a cash cropper because it must have the necessary characteristics making it a cut above the rest. Some of the characteristics of a cash cropper weed plants are:

Tips in Identifying and Growing a Cash Cropper Marijuana Strain

Mostly indica or indica/sativa cross

Sadly, there are no sativa that falls for this category as of now. Indicas and hybrids of sativa and indica are the best to grow if you are looking for an ideal marijuana strain. This is because of the built-in advantage of indica over sativa in terms of shorter growing cycle.

They are best grown indoors

Cash croppers are best for indoor growing because it is the system that allows the grower to manipulate the growth of marijuana plants. This can be done with the use of light as well as different growing set-ups like bubbleponics.

Easy to Grow

There are different levels of difficulty when it comes to growing weed plants. Those easy to grow strains that are not demanding of so much attention definitely get the approval of the grower. This includes resistance to pests and diseases as well as the ability to adapt to different indoor growing methods.

Early or Fast-flowering

Time is of the essence when growing cannabis plants and the grower loves strains that flower easily without spending much time in the vegetation stage. Included in this class are the different auto-flowering strains that meet the requirements of commercial growers.

High Yield

This is the ultimate criteria for a growing pot plant to be considered as a cash cropper. The tag itself implies that it must be a money-maker and huge yields definitely make it to the category.

All of the above must constitute the over-all characteristics of a particular strain to be considered as belonging to a cash cropper. Absent any of the above will not make the strain as belonging to this category.

If a marijuana plant is determined to be a cash cropper, what can I do to get more of it?

You can clone or breed it. There are plenty of ways to exploit the genetics of an excellent strain so you can grow weed plants that are according to your requirements.

What are the examples of Cash cropper strains?

There are many and as mentioned, they are mostly indica or sativa and indica hybrid strains. It will also help to visit seedbanks or forums to get more information about them so you can grow marijuana strains of this category.

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