The Easiest Stage in growing Marijuana Plants for Beginners

For those who have experienced growing marijuana plants in one way or another, they could say that it is easy to grow because of the strength and versatility inherent in the plant itself. This is especially true if the weed plant belongs to an auto-flowering variety. But for beginners in the field of pot cultivation, it is important to identify which stage is the most difficult and which is the easiest. In this article, we will focus to the easiest phase of growing them and explain why this is so.

The Easiest Stage in growing Marijuana Plants for Beginners

The flowering stage is considered as the easiest part of the growing cycle. Some may say that it is the vegetation stage but it is actually the most difficult. Others may claim that it is the harvesting stage but this latter part is no longer part of the growing stage so let's make it clear from the start. You're no longer in the growing stage when harvest time comes as this involves another stage which is the ultimate and includes several phases like drying and curing as well as bagging.

Things become easier when the flowering stage comes and this is because the joy of seeing the weed plants grow buds after several weeks of caring and nurturing brings joy to the grower. The tendency is to become more motivated and rightly so because it is like getting compensated in an altruistic way all the efforts exerted during the earlier stage. This is also the stage when the grower has already familiarized with the basic needs of his marijuana plants so it becomes routinely in a way and like second nature already that not much effort needs to be exerted. The activities involved in caring for a flowering cannabis plant is also not demanding and actually easy especially in the case of strains that grow to a short height.

Do I need to change the feeding routine when my marijuana plants are flowering?

Not really. You may change the NPK ratio of nutrients at this stage. Consult the directions given in your chosen nutrients and follow it.

How do I know when my weed plants are ready to flower?

You must know what strain you are growing and follow its specifications. If you lost it, just be ready when you see pistils coming out so you can identify their sexes. This is also advisable even if you purchased feminized strains as male plants can still come out from a supposedly feminized variety.

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