The Advantage and disadvantage of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

We all know that all marijuana plants are best grown in an outdoor setting where they are allowed to flourish in their natural surrounding and thrive according to their biological clock. This has been the natural order of things thousands of years ago and still holds true to this day. There are a good number of growers who prefer to grow weed outdoors as compared to the more modern techniques available in an indoor setting and their main argument is organic growing can only be possible if it is done outdoors.

The Advantage and disadvantage of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

The main advantage of growing outdoors also has to do with the costs involved. With an outdoor set-up, it is cheaper because there is no more need for artificial lights that are needed in an indoor setting. Also, it is believed that the essential characteristics of the marijuana plant like the potency of its THC content is maximized if it is allowed to fully vegetate and flower outsider rather than inside a grow room. Next is the relative ease cannabis plants can grow such that they can even be left for several days and will not need much attention if they are grown in an ideal outdoor environment.

Just like any growing concern, there are also disadvantages when marijuana plants are grown outdoors. One is security. Since weed plants are not ordinary like other plants, they easily get the attention of other people who may take interest in what they have seen and this could spell trouble to the cropper in ways too many to be mentioned here. Another is pets and animals. If it is a garden in the house, it could attract pets and get destroyed in the process. the scent emitted by pot plants especially during flowering may also invite animal if grown in an open field. This is especially true in the case of guerrilla growing.

Given the disadvantages, why should I still grow marijuana outdoors?

The given disadvantages are meant for the grower to be more careful in an outdoor growing concern. If the disadvantages are properly managed, then there is no reason why outdoor growing of weed plants should be avoided.

What kind of outdoor growing method should I use to protect my weed plants?

One of the best outdoor growing methods used by growers is the greenhouse type of growing. In this method, the pot plants are fully secured and they also get to enjoy natural sunlight which is important in an outdoor set-up.

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