Techniques Growers Use to Grow Sensimilla Marijuana Plants

Most growers of marijuana plants have only one main purpose and that is to grow sensimilla weed plants. If you are a smoker and understands this means, you would also want to smoke pot that came only from this type of plant. But what exactly is a sensimilla plant and how does it come about? Sensimilla is a female plant that was not pollinated and therefore will not produce seeds and will just bloom and concentrate on making THC instead of seeds. There are three known ways to make sure that you are growing only the right type of pot plants in your grow room.

Techniques Growers Use to Grow Sensimilla Marijuana Plants

Go Feminized

Grow only feminized weed plants. Without males, you are assured that pollination will not take place and your plants will grow only buds and not seeds. This is the easiest way to do it and that is why most breeders offer feminized strains to growers. There are just some rules to follow when you grow feminized weed plants and that is to use proper lighting to avoid hermaphrodites or even males from appearing from your supposed to be female cannabis strains.


When you grow marijuana plants that are not feminized, chances are about half of them will be male. It is necessary to identify the male once the flowering starts and to separate them immediately from the female plants. This will ensure that the remaining female weed plants will stay sensimilla.


Cloning is also another way of making sure that you only have sensimilla marijuana plants. This is done by getting cuttings from an ideal mother plant and growing the clones. Cloned female pot plants will produce exactly the same female cuttings so there will definitely be no male from its cuttings.

How many times can I clone a mother marijuana plant?

The most number of times that a mother plant should be cloned is around 4 to 4 times. Beyond this, it is no longer advisable as you may no longer get the desired traits from the mother plant.

How does lighting affect the sex of supposed to be feminized strains when they are grown?

The process of feminization is man-made. Seeds are not classified according to female or male because they could not be determined so female plants are subjected to a process where chemicals are used to make it produce female seeds. Since it is not a natural process, the feminized plant can be affected by irregular lighting exposure and instead become male plants in the process.

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