Steps to increase the yield of marijuana plants

There are several marijuana growing techniques to maximize the yield of your crop. After mastering weed cultivation, you should be consistent with the basics specifically the nutrients or fertilizers, use of proper lighting, watering schedule, humidity, moisture and temperature. Understanding and knowing the proper usage and application of these cannabis growing essentials will significantly improve and increase your marijuana yield. Carbon dioxide (CO2) additives, pruning and the genetics of the pot plant also contribute to the quantity of the harvest.

Steps to increase the yield of marijuana plants

Mostly, indica plants are higher yielding than sativa strains, but this does not mean that a marijuana grower should sacrifice his strain preference to have increased harvest. With several specialized pot hybrids available now, you can have both the high yielding and best flavored cannabis. You can also choose the best suited variety for your growing medium. There are strains that produce massive harvest if planted indoors while the others perform better in outside growing.

Make best use of lighting efficiency; the proper positioning of the high density light bulbs where appropriate color spectrum reach the plant best is most crucial. It is best to place the light source at the top of the growing weeds. Another good way of increasing your yield is by pruning the plant to produce bigger marijuana buds, some varieties do not respond well to this technique though. The temperature of your growing area should be maintained at 72 to 78F for steady growth and healthy flower production. Humidity should likewise be controlled ideally at 45% to 55% especially during the vegetative and flowering periods. This will prevent too much moisture that can cause molds and fungus. Balanced nutrient is imperative during the different stages of the marijuana growing period. In the vegetative period you need more nitrogen than phosphorous and potassium, but at the flowering stage more phosphorous should be fed to your weeds.

What additives can I specifically use to increase the yield?

Kelp or seaweed ash is a good source of potash and iodine, so it is recommended. You can also use enzymes and B1. There are several commercially available organic and chemical additives, it is up o the grower which stabilizer is suited to the crop and the growing method used.

Which alternatives or growing methods produce the highest yield?

The Vertical gardens, Sea of Green, Screen of Green are mostly used by commercial marijuana growers for mass production. But these methods are usually for experienced marijuana growers; beginners should learn and master the basics first to produce not just high yield but quality crop as well.

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