Several Reasons Why You Should Go Organic in Marijuana Farming

For several years now, organic farming of marijuana plants have taken the limelight and encouraged a lot of growers to go organic in growing weed plants. This is because of the many benefits inherent in the organic method of growing. Let us look at some of the reasons why we should grow using scientific methods of organic farming.

Several Reasons Why You Should Go Organic in Marijuana Farming

Organic growing has strict standards to follow

It is not simply going back to the traditional ways of growing weed plants but following a systematic method of growing patterns that are basically organic and without the introduction of foreign substances into the soil or plants. It is a great feeling to know that you are smoking an all-natural joint and it adds to the feeling of a fulfilling high.

Taste or flavour is all natural

Talk to a seasoned pot smoker and they will readily tell you that the taste and flavour are different as compared to artificially grown and chemical induced marijuana plants. Without foreign substances, you are assured of a high grade smoke.

You inhale no toxic substances

What toxic substances are there to inhale if the marijuana plants are grown organically? Nothing because all you get is its all-natural flavour and substances minus the health risks that come with chemicals normally used in chemical based growing.

You help in preserving Mother Nature

By following the scientific approach in organic farming, we in effect also help in getting rid of man-made toxic substances in the air. A healthy environmental balance is also maintained in the process.

It is cheaper

There may be a need for some preparation in going organic but it is over-shadowed by the benefits that can be derived. It becomes cheaper because there is no more need to buy expensive chemical based insecticides and fertilizers. With a healthy compost soil preparation, all that you need in terms of nutrients are there already for your weed plants to feed on.

Does growing cannabis plants in soil already mean going organic?

Not really. This is the problem actually with some growers who thought that just by growing in soil they are already doing it in an organic way. Aside from a healthy soil preparation, there must be no chemicals to be used in the growing process.

Will the THC content be higher if I go organic in growing weed plants?

There is no scientific basis that the THC level will become higher. Every strain has its maximum level of potency and you cannot go beyond it. The taste and flavour are the ones affected as there are no foreign substances introduced during its growth so the pot plants become all natural in its taste and flavour.

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