Rules of Growing Marijuana Plants the Organic Way

Organic growing of marijuana plants is the desire of many growers but due to a lot of restrictions, it is most of the time difficult to follow this method of growing for some weed growing enthusiasts. Be that as it may, it is still not a hindrance for some of us who are bent on growing only the best. There are many advantages in smoking organically grown cannabis plants and one of which is enjoying the real taste of a pot smoke without any trace of chemicals normally present in chemical induced or affected pot plants.

Rules of Growing Marijuana Plants the Organic Way

Going organic in marijuana growing is not as easy as some may say. Though it is said to be the original and traditional way of growing plants that include cannabis plants, the realities of today require that the grower must improvise and employ scientific means in order to live up to the ideals of true-blue organic farming.

Rules to follow in organic farming of marijuana plants:

No Chemicals in fertilizers � Organic growing of weed plants must follow the basic rule that there must be no chemicals to be used during the entire pot plants life cycle. The fertilizer must be all-natural like worm castings, soil compost and many others. Starting with a naturally healthy soil is important in this regard.

No chemicals in pesticides � Even in terms of controlling the pest infestation, the grower must use only natural means to control pests and diseases. It's a good thing that companies are now coming out with pesticide products that are not chemical based.

No Genetically Modified strains � To make sure that the principles of organic marijuana growing are followed, it is important to grow only marijuana plants that are not genetically altered.

In fact, some countries have agreed on the rules that must be followed in organic farming but since cannabis is not among those allowed to be grown freely, there is actually no strict implementation of guidelines when it comes to weed plants growing.

How can I know if the marijuana strain is organically grown?

If you are not familiar with the source of the pot strain, it could be difficult to identify since there is no regulation on how to grow marijuana plants. But this is not much of an issue because you can proceed to grow it using organic methods.

What is genetically modified marijuana plants?

Just like other living things, cannabis plants have DNA. This DNA, also known as Genome has already been sequenced by scientists giving them a chance to alter the genetic sequence and produce weed plants according to their specifications.

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