Reasons Why Hermaphrodites Occur in Growing Marijuana Plants

Though occurring very rarely, hermaphrodites in cannabis plants is still a possibility that most growers wish to avoid from experiencing. This is natural and very discouraging if it does happen to your grow and that is why many growers are very careful and wary about this issue. Even though it rarely occurs and can seldom be seen from a healthy grow room, the different hybridization and even genetic modifications done by some breeders can cause this malady to appear in a supposed to be healthy batch of growing marijuana plants. Coupled with these is the ever-changing environment where weed plants are grown. If a certain strain has been grown in the wild and suddenly introduced in a foreign environment that it is totally unfamiliar, it can cause a lot of stress to the pot plant and in the process show signs of hermaphrodites in some plants especially if they were grown in isolation.

Reasons Why Hermaphrodites Occur in Growing Marijuana Plants

Hermaphrodites have both male and female sexes. Very few actually know that this is not really a genetic anomaly but nature's work in progress. It occurs even in the wild even in the supposed to be natural environment of weed plants. This natural anomaly is the result of self-preservation on the part of the cannabis plant and happens when there are no more of its kind being present in its environment. By producing seeds, it is able to continue the strain because the seeds will grow to another batch of growing cannabis that will continue its race. Thus, with hermaphrodites, the race is preserved and can continue its existence.

Another reason why it occurs is because of the changes in the indoor growing environment's light cycle. Frequent changes in light exposure like different settings of light and dark cycle can also produce this dual sex phenomenon in one marijuana plant. so for growers like us, it is important to grow weed plants in batches rather than growing a sole plant because it might get the instinct of self-preservation and become a hermaphrodite in the process. Another is to follow a lighting system that is needed in each of the growing stages to make sure this anomaly will not occur in your grow.

Will Hermaphrodites also produce the same double sex pot plants?

Not necessarily. It is only in extreme cases that it happens and not in a regular manner. But a lot of growers prefer to avoid growing marijuana plants that came from a strain that has a sexing anomaly.

Are there any other reasons why Hermaphrodites can occur in growing weed plants?

One other reason is when the genetics of a particular strain is not fully stabilized as in the case of hybrids that were inbred with its own line either by backcrossing or other IBL style of breeding.

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