Reasons Behind Early Harvesting of Marijuana Plants

Early harvesting of marijuana plants is preferred by a lot of growers not because they are eager to dry and cure their yield but because there really are benefits to an early harvest. Here, we will identify some of the reasons when you should harvest early and why you should do it.

Reasons Behind Early Harvesting of Marijuana Plants

To save the buds from parasites

Weed buds are prone to having mold and mildew especially when humidity is not controlled to ideal levels and the ventilation is not enough. When parasites begin to attack, it may be necessary to harvest your flowers immediately to prevent the damage from spreading to other buds. The problem with bud parasites is they destroy and eat the colas from the inside out thus sometimes it is already too late that's why you should be on-guard and always check your blooming pot plants for mold and mildews. Early harvesting protects the unaffected colas and you get to save what remains of your yield.

Early Harvest for Stronger THC Potency

When buds are harvested early, they are at their most potent in terms of THC. As the buds fully ripen, some of the THC breaks down and converted to another substance like CBN and CBD. If you are looking for a higher THC level in your marijuana buds, then harvest early. Higher THC than CBD means it will have an uplifting and energetic high when smoked. Higher CBD will induce a stoned heavy feeling. This one reason why weed plant growers differ in terms of timing when it comes to harvesting their yield. Also, one way to determine if the buds are ready for harvest is by the means of a microscope. Seeing the resin up close and its transformation in to another substance is critical in making the final decision when the colas are ready for cutting or not.

I like to feel light and trippy when I smoke marijuana so when is the timing to harvest to get this feeling?

Harvest your buds early so you can get more THC than CBD from your buds. This will give you a more trippy and happy high as opposed to the heavy feeling brought by CBD.

What are the signs that I have to harvest my colas already?

You can say the buds are ready for harvest when the usually white pistils turn to another colour like brown, or red depending on the marijuana strain you're growing. White hairs or pistils of weed plants usually take on another colour when they are ready for cutting and this is the sign you're waiting.

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