Proper Methods of Harvesting Marijuana Plants

There are several methods being used in properly harvesting marijuana plants. Growers differ in the timing first and foremost as well as in the manner it should be done. In the end, it is you the cropper who can decide what is best for your cannabis plants. But there are basics that must be followed when it comes to harvesting weed plants and it is better to understand them first and later on decide if the same is what you intend to do.

Proper Methods of Harvesting Marijuana Plants

Timing is very important in terms of harvesting pot plants. Usually, they will finish flowering in about 8 to 12 weeks time and the plants will continue to live beyond that period even after it has finished flowering. The problem is the potency of THC is greatly diminished at this stage so the right timing to harvest them is always the primordial concern of every grower and you have to decide whether you prefer early or late harvesting for your marijuana buds.

To harvest your weed buds, you have to use a very sharp scissor or blade. Cut the stalks where the flowers are and then store in a cool and dry place. Your harvest must be hanged upside down and wait for them to dry. One way of making sure they are already dry is when the stems will break or snap when you bend them. They should be brittle enough and easily break when fully dried. The4 length of time needed may differ in every drying environment but usually you can finish drying in about one or two weeks. When dried, store them in containers or zipped packs and place in a cool, dark place but not a fridge. Do not crush the buds at this point so as not to lose some of the THC content. When stored properly, your buds will remain fresh for several months and the potency is retained.

When is the best timing to harvest cannabis plants?

Most growers agree that the best time to harvest is when it is dark. There must be no light while harvesting and this has something to do with maintaining the THC potency of pot plants.

How can I say when my marijuana plants are ready for harvest?

Most weed growers prefer to harvest when ripe buds account for about 50% of the total buds. Avoid harvesting when the weed plant is already finishing the flowering stage because it could be too late by that time when the THC has already diminished in terms of potency.

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