Problems Normally Encountered When Marijuana Plants Grow too Tall

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, marijuana plants present some challenges when they grow too tall. The problems are more amplified in an indoor set-up because of the inherent limitations in terms of space available. Grow rooms normally have a ceiling height of just about 8 to 10 feet and since some cannabis plants can grow to as tall as 15 feet especially sativa strains, it becomes a big issue to growers. Weed plants tend to reach for the light and this has something to do with the kind of lights being used. There are some light that are high in the red light lumen and this makes the plant become stretchy and to grow really tall and spindly.

Problems Normally Encountered When Marijuana Plants Grow too Tall

Tall marijuana plants also pose problems if they are grown in pots because they tend to fall over to its side due to lack of proper balance and stability of its base. The grower must then bind the weed plant and tie to prevent it from falling. Another is when they grow tall, they tend to cover a lot of space and therefore will need more light for the bottom portion to be illuminated. This is especially the case if tall weed plant is over-shadowing the other plants around it. Instead of spending less, the grower may be forced to use more lighting and this will eventually translate to higher electricity cost.

Another issue with growing tall marijuana plants is they tend to have thin stems and branches. They will continue to grow even during the flowering period and with thin stems to hold the buds, they tend to bend and even break. More effort is required of the grower in this case because they have to stake, cage, or rope the stems and branches of pot plants just to prevent them from breaking. Lastly, most tall marijuana plants have small buds not only because of its genetics but because of all the energy spent to grow those long branches and stems instead of focusing on producing big buds.

Are there ways to prevent marijuana plants from getting too tall?

Actually there are none. It's all about genetics. You can stop it from growing for a while but it will continue later until it can reach its full maturity which can last even during the flowering period.

Are there ways to genetically alter the growth of a particularly tall weed plant?

Yes and this is true cross breeding. It might take several cross-breeding, back-crossing and even In-breeding to do it until the breeder has eliminated the genes that make it grow too tall.

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