Preventing too much stress on the growing marijuana plants

Stress is a major impediment in the proper and faster growth of marijuana plants. Not only does stress hinder growth, it also induces the appearance of hermaphrodites which could prove disastrous to the growing weed plants because of the possibility of pollination. Even the flowering stage is affected if the plant is subjected to a stressful condition and unless you are growing an auto-flowering In order to prevent stress on cannabis plants, it is important to identify the stressful conditions first and prevent them from taking place.

Preventing too much stress on the growing marijuana plants

Irregular Light cycle

Light is indispensable in growing marijuana plants. When exposed to light, it continues with its growing activities and waits for darkness in order to rest and regain its lost energies. When irregular lighting pattern is adapted, the weed plant may not flower properly or as expected and worse, may produce hermaphrodites in the end.

Over/Under watering

Watering cannabis plants must be done on a regular basis and prevent over or under watering from happening. This can be prevented by following a set schedule and making sure that the ideal soil is used. If the soil has too much clay in it, absorbing water from its top will take long to reach the roots. In case of over-watered plants, it can lead to the rotting of the roots.

Inadequate Nutrients

If suddenly deprived of needed nutrients, the tendency of the cannabis plant is to get stressed in finding the needed nutrients through its roots. This is especially true in the case of hydroponics using ebb and flow in growing.

Abormal ph level

If the soil has too high ph level, making it acidic, it will also cause stress to the weed plant because it cannot absorb nutrients in this case. Make sure that the ph level is according to the growing method being used. In soil, it has to be between 6.5 to 7, and in hydroponics between 5.6 to 5.8 ph level.

Pests, diseases and other parasites

Needless to say, if the pot plant is sick you cannot expect it to be healthy and this will translate to weak growth of leaves and even stems leading to very poor yield in the end.

I grow in pots and placed in my balcony. Is it stressful to my marijuana plants? As long as they remain in their place and not frequently moved then it's okay. Avoid transferring them very often from one place to another.

Can bees and other flower insects cause stress to my weed plants?

Not really but it is best that you prevent your blooming pot plants from being visited by bees because they can pollinate you flowering marijuana plants if they happen to have previously visited a male weed plant.

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