Nutritional requirements of growing Weed Plants in the flowering stage.

Before your marijuana plants reach their flowering state, the following things should be considered. One is sexing, which is very crucial because the moment that you can identify the sexes of your weeds, then the males should be removed unless you want to grow seeds. But if you want to grow only females in a room, then the males should go since you can propagate quality females by cloning. If you are growing marijuana in a room, then you should use light and keep them within 2 or more feet away. There should be a regular schedule for these lights to be switched on and off. Your pot should be watered regularly. Good air circulation should be provided and air should not be blown directly to your weeds.

Nutritional requirements of growing Weed Plants in the flowering stage.

Now that you have a room conducive for your cannabis plants, you also need to take note of the nutrients that are in the soil where they are growing from. Avoid nitrogen nutrients when your pot is already 20" and are at their flowering stage. Instead make sure that your marijuana plants are getting phosphorus. It is best to use blooming feeds that contain Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, Calcium and some sulfur. Cannabis plants will show slow growth or progress once they are not getting the right nutrients and they will take some time to recuperate. Also, you have the take note that PH or acidity level affects you marijuana plant during its entire growing stage. The acceptable PH value for this plant is 6.5 so anything that is extremely high or low that value will make your plants grow slower and will produce plants that have less quality.

What happens when Marijuana plants do not get the right nutrients?

Aside from slow growth and low quality, marijuana plants will develop nutrient-deficiency problems if they do not get the right nutrients throughout their growing phase. For example, boron deficiency makes new growth look like they are burnt or scorched or yellow. The stems become hollow. On the other hand, boron will be absorbed well if the plants are getting enough potassium and nitrogen.

How do you solve Marijuana plant nutrient problems?

Checking your plants regularly is a good way to detect and solve problems. If your plants exhibit symptoms, start using plant nutrient supplements that can provide your weeds the right amount of nutrients. Follow the labels and be sure to check your plants regularly to make sure that you are not overdosing or under dosing them.

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