Natural Methods to Prevent and Control Pests in Growing Weed Plants

If you are growing marijuana plants and have decided to grow in an all natural way, it follows that you must also use natural means to prevent or control pest infestation in your weed plants. Fortunately for growers like you, there are indeed ways to prevent or eliminate pests without using chemical pesticides. It is only as a last resort that chemicals must be used if they are still needed. Also, the use of pesticides eradicates all insects that are actually needed for a more balanced ecological environment. The beneficial pests are usually the first ones to die with the use of chemicals. Let us look at the different natural methods available when it comes to getting a relief from pests in your weed plants.

Natural Methods to Prevent and Control Pests in Growing Weed Plants

Introduction of Positive Pests

Lady bugs, centipedes, spiders and other creatures help eliminate pests in the garden or grow room so don't try to eliminate when you see them in your garden. A good number of growers even purposely seek these insects to be part of their growing weed plants.

Do it Manually at First

Do not immediately use pesticides when you notice signs of pest infestation. You can eliminate them in a natural manner like hosing them out of your pot plants. When leaves have colonies of pests, you can hose them away as in the case of aphids found under the leaves. Another is by picking them as in the case of larger pests that can be seen by naked eyes. Another way is to set-up barriers around and over your pot plants to make it difficult for pests or to discourage them from inhabiting and messing with your weed plants.

The use of homemade repellents is also a natural way of controlling the onslaught of pests. Garlic and hot pepper are some of the effective repellents when sprayed on plant foliage and they can discourage not only pests but also wild animals and birds.

What natural remedy can I use against fungi in my marijuana plants?

You can try garlic oil and extracts. Just spray it into the foliage or under the leaves and wherever they may be found. You may need to do this a few times until they finally disappear.

I read somewhere that baking soda is also good in eliminating pests in marijuana plants, How can I use it?

Baking Soda is useful against mildew. It is mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and dissolved in 1 quart water than sprayed into the affected portions of the cannabis plant.

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