Monster Cropping Techniques for Growing Marijuana Plants

There are various cropping techniques used across the globe today by marijuana breeders. Low Stress Training (LST), Screen of Green, commonly referred to as SCROG, Sea of Green, the Super Cropping Technique, and the Monster Cropping Techniques are among the few used by pot growers. You may agree that growing marijuana plant relies certain factors in order for it to grow well, let alone survive. Don't get me wrong, but you may find it hard to disagree that the following are essential in the art of learning to grow weed: the use of lights; the type of strain used; pH level; soil; temperature; ventilation; whether it's planted indoors or outdoors; humidity, water, and whether you use some fertilizer or not. Nevertheless, the foundation relies on the technique you use.

Monster Cropping Techniques for Growing Marijuana Plants

Among the methods previously mentioned, the monster cropping technique may be a little confusing but once you get the hang of it, will reward you with a very satisfying yield. The method can be done by removing clones of the crop for as early as around 3 weeks into the flowering period. Do not touch the upper part of the branch but instead focus on the lower branches since these are not yet rigid and will therefore root quicker than the weed branches on top. Now keep in mind that water plays a factor in the marijuana growth, so make sure to cut in such a way that it runs along the stem in order to maximize the area for water or some fertilizer, should you feel you need to add some. Part of the technique also includes the type of cloning that you use, whether it's via a small hydroponic setup or a propagation bubbler.

Why should I use a hydroponics setup?

A small hydroponic setup has lots of advantages; you can put it inside, outside, or anywhere in the house. It's in this setup that you can more or less control the light, climate or temperature, and basically the size of the grow room. The hydroponics is also popular in growing the variety of vegetable crops like squash, beans, and tomatoes.

What is a propagation builder?

It is simply a bucket with a lid for a cover that has its own pump. This method gives the cut branches with a reasonable amount of oxygen, that is why it is proven to be an effective, if not the most effective method in hydroponics growing of cannabis plants.

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