Mistakes Normally Committed in Growing Marijuana Plants

Before growing marijuana plants, it is important to first be familiar with the basics needed to effectively grow them. But even if the basics are fully covered, sometimes mistakes and error in judgment still happen and this could be the result of over-eagerness or quite simply an act of omission on the part of the grower. Here are some of the common mistakes committed by not a few weed growers.

Mistakes Normally Committed in Growing Marijuana Plants

Not knowing or being familiar the strain to be planted

Just because a particular strain is popular worldwide for its high when smoked does not necessarily mean it can also be grown anywhere. Some strains are admittedly best grown in the colder regions of the Earth and others thrive best when grown near the equator so these must be taken into consideration in choosing the ideal weed plant to be grown.


This is the most common mistake and one of the worst at the same time. Watering marijuana plants must be done on a regular basis and normally followed by means of a schedule. Watering is very important in the growth of weed plants but at the same time disastrous if done excessively.

Letting others know about your cannabis growing

Some people tend to get excited when they start growing pot plants and make the mistake of bragging about it to some of their close friends. Thieveries and especially brushes with the law normally results when other people get to know that you are planting marijuana and therefore complete secrecy must be exercised in this regard.

Over/Under Fertilization

This also falls as one of the most common mistake in growing pot plants. The fertilizer must have the proper N-P-K ratio and it must be fed to the plant on a periodic basis. Too much fertilizer is not good and will result in the leaves folding and eventually dry. The same is true with under-fertilization. If over-fertilization happens, it is best to give the plant pure water therapy for a few days without giving it additional fertilizer.

Is there a marijuana strain that is easy to grow for beginners?

Yes, and there are lots of varieties that are good for beginners to grow like auto-flowering strains. Some weed plants are so forgiving that even if you commit some mistakes, it can still survive but it is still best to follow the basics of cannabis cultivation to avoid flaws in growing.

What is the best way to follow in fertilizing pot plants?

When you buy fertilizers, it normally has a direction for use printed on its label. It is best to follow what is stated in its direction for use to avoid mistakes.

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