Methods that can be used to Make Early-flowering Marijuana Plants

One of the trends now is to grow marijuana plants with early-flowering characteristics. Many first time growers scour online seedbanks to look for a strain, whether landrace or hybrid, that will flower at the earliest possible time. Little did they know that there are actually ways to shorten the vegetative stage and induce the weed plant to enter the flowering stage. Chemicals or substances commercially available have not much help in this regard and the result if ever they are used are negligible and would just make you sigh and say it's better not to have used them in the first place.

Methods that can be used to Make Early-flowering Marijuana Plants

This is because some strains really flower early than others. This is particularly true in the case of shorter strains that don't need to grow too much just to mature. Most Indicas fall into this category. Unlike sativa marijuana strains that need more time to grow because of their sheer size, indicas can flower earlier because they can reach early maturity during the vegetative stage. So if you want early flowering strains, then choose mostly indica strains and not sativa.

One technique that can chop off some time and make the growing marijuana plant finish the vegetation stage early is to grow them indoors. The growth of pot plants is amplified and therefore hastened when they are subjective to more light than darkness. Eighteen hours a day to 24 hours or 12/12 of light on a daily basis will make the weed plant bloom faster as compared to growing outdoors. The result may not be too drastic but the grower can see a couple of weeks being taken away in terms of waiting time depending on the strain of marijuana plant being grown.

What type of light should be used to hasten flowering of marijuana plants?

There a lot to choose from and they are all commercially available. One is not actually better than the other but in terms of being practical to save on electric bills, LED lights are preferred by many.

Why do they flower early with more lights?

The blue lights emitted by your bulb actually trigger the growth of foliage in marijuana plants. So in buying light bulbs, make sure it has no or little infrared lights and more of the blue lights emitted to hasten the balanced grow of weed plants.

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