Marijuana Hydroponics System for Growing Weed Using Hydro

Hydroponics growing of marijuana plants is one of the most popular ways of raising cannabis plants worldwide. It is very different than growing in soil growing because in the first place soil is not a part of this method of growing. With hydroponics, the entire environment is sterile and the weed plants get their nutrients through water. Cannabis are such strong plants that they don't even need soil to grow and can actually grow in other mediums as long as the roots can get the needed nutrients for them to grow.

Marijuana Hydroponics System for Growing Weed Using Hydro

With hydroponics, marijuana plants are grown in a certain medium and the needed nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulphur are just supplied by water. grown on a medium like rockwool, perlite and other mediums, the weed plants are positioned in a set-up where water is allowed to pass through and stay for a while then deposited to a waiting container. The water contains all the needed nutrients and the roots will feed on said nutrients. The process is repeated in such frequency as needed.

If you want to have a hydroponics set-up, it could be done DIY style or you can buy a ready- made set-up available in many agricultural shops. Teamed up with growing lights, the hydroponic system is an ideal way to grow pot plants where the grower can effectively control the growth and vigour of weed plants. Whether you're growing from seed or clones, hydro growing system of weed plants is an ideal indoor system for any type of grower. In fact, it is very popular especially among commercial weed growers around the world.

Is it expensive to put up a hydro growing system for my weed plants?

It costs money of course. Whether it is expensive or not will depend on the size of the set-up. DIY set-ups cost a lot cheaper because you will buy the equipments and set it up yourself.

What is the common disadvantage of hydroponics growing of marijuana plants?

Perhaps the most common is not being able to make the right preparation at the start. There must be some knowledge pertaining to this set-up because it is not s simple as soil growing of pot plants.

How is it different from aeroponics growing of cannabis plants?

The concept is the same only that the roots of marijuana plants are suspended in the air with aeroponics and the nutrients are sprayed on the roots instead of water inundating the roots ion the case of hycroponics.

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