Marijuana Growing with Long and short Vegetation Periods

When growing marijuana outdoors, the plants are exposed to their natural environment and they will grow according to the natural cycle of day and night with sunlight exposure as the basis of the speed with which they can grow. The length of exposure to the benefits of sunlight will determine the haste with which weed plants can grow during its vegetative stage such that the longer the exposure the faster it can finish and the shorter will mean waiting longer for it to finish. This is the natural order of things if an outdoor set-up is chosen. But this is not the same with an indoor set-up

Marijuana Growing with Long and short Vegetation Periods

In an indoor growing set-up, the grower can control how many hours the cannabis plants can be exposed to light. Knowing that it is light that induces plants to grow faster, the grower can opt to increase light exposure to whatever suits his grow according to carefully determined growing schedule. It could be 12/12, 16/8, or entirely 24 hours per day in some instances. Force-flowering a weed plant has been the order of the day for a lot of growers because it saves a lot of time, energy and even money in the process.

Allowing marijuana plants to finish its vegetative stage in a natural way without forcing it to an early flowering has many benefits. It allows the plants to fully mature and be ready to its next matured cycle which is the flowering stage. Some growers prefer to lengthen the vegetative stage and this could be done by introducing the cannabis plant to consistently long lighting per day. If they are exposed to more than 12 hours of light per day, the flowering hormones will be kept at bay and the grower can keep them from flowering as long as desired. Pot plants can be subjected to such stage and remain in the vegetative stage for as long as needed and there is no problem about this.

If the marijuana plant can be kept at vegetation stage, can they stay that way forever?

No. They must wither at one point. What is prevented is the flowering stage but not the pot plant eventually finishing its life cycle.

Which is better between short and long vegetation period?

Full vegetation period is undoubtedly better for a marijuana plant. Properly aged, they can be expected to give more and healthy buds with stronger potency than a youngling that was forced to flower early.

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