Marijuana Growing Pros and Cons of Using Bubbleponics System

Growing of marijuana plants using bubbleponics system is getting popular with a lot of cannabis enthusiasts and a good number of beginners in the field of cannabis cultivation want to try their luck using this hydroponics system. Before actually going and adapting a bubbleponics system of growing, it is best to understand first what you can expect if this growing technique is used. There are pros and cons about this technique and though the pros are said to outweigh the cons, it is still to familiarize with them to make fits sure even more that the benefits are maximized.

 Marijuana Growing Pros and Cons of Using Bubbleponics System

The Pros of Bubbleponics growing of weed plants

Excellent for stealth growing � You don't need much stealth because you can induce flowering even when the pot plants are just about 8-12 inches tall.
Grows very fast � Expect your marijuana plants to grow very fast such that you need to make it finish its vegetation earlier to stop them from growing too big.
Gives high yield � With not much effort needed to grow, your weed plants will concentrate on growing more buds so expect a hefty yield in bubbleponics growing system.

The Cons of a bubbleponics growing system

Expertise needed � the set-up may take a bit longer than other hydro systems and you must have some knowledge especially basic know-how about this weed growing system.
Roots are prone to diseases � If you are a newbie, you must understand that because the roots are submerged in water 24/7, they tend to develop certain problems like rotting so you must have the ability to prevent this and understand right from the start that it is one of the problems you might encounter with bubbleponics growing of marijuana plants.
Sensitive with high temperature � The grow room must have the right temperature and ventilation. The use of HID light and others that make the temperature hot should be avoided.

What are the type of lights ideal in a bubbleponics growing set-up?

Just about any type of lights will do. Just make sure that it will not contribute to the increase in the temperature of the grow room. LED lights are particularly okay as well as CFL lights.

Do I need to replace water every now and then Or I can use it for the entire growing duration?

It is best to replace water every week to make sure you always have fresh water and for bacteria not to develop especially in the roots of your growing pot plants. You can do it manually or use electric water pump to take out water easily.

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