Vegetation period is the stage in the cannabis plant's life cycle where it grows the most. The duration of this stage is around a month. So, for the best marijuana crop one must take some factors into consideration.


The important factors to be controlled are temperature, humidity, light and air circulation. You must ensure that for optimum growth of weed plant, the room temperature must be in the range 72 to 85 degree Fahrenheit. However, for best marijuana quality and ideal temperature of 78 degree Fahrenheit specifically must be maintained. Talking about humidity, a specific range of humidity must be maintained that is 45% to 65% for optimum vegetative growth of cannabis plant.

Light is very important for plants to photosynthesize. Weed plant in its vegetative growth stage needs light around 16 to 20 hours especially the indoor cannabis plantation. Also water supply must be specifically noticed. It is recommended to supply water to cannabis only when their crust is dry. A technique to check dryness or dampness of marijuana plant is to check the weight. If the pot weighs light this means that they are dry. Fresh air is important for healthy vegetative growth of cannabis so air circulation is a must. This can be ensured either artificially circulating air or build an outlet and an inlet if the plantation is indoor. Also, in creating air circulation avoid constant blowing of wind as they will blow away moisture from marijuana plants.

Last and most important touch point to consider is the nutrients level in soil. Pots need nitrogen especially during the vegetative growth stage so ensure adequate supply of nutrients and allow the cannabis to grow around eighteen inch in height before going in to flowering stage considerations.

Why do I need to separate the males from female weed plants?

It is important for male marijuana to be separated from female as soon as we get to know of the sex of plant or else by pollination and breeding our entire crop will become seeds as only female pots produce flowers.

What can I do with the male marijuana plants?

They are used for breeding. The male marijuana is usually thrown away as useless material. But they do have some THC content although the percentage is lesser in male compared to female marijuana plants. They can be used in cooking for producing butter and weed oil.

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