Marijuana Growing Concerns During the Vegetation stage

When marijuana plants reach the vegetation stage, it is slowly introduced to the environment it needs to flourish. With an ideal grow medium, it will slowly but surely reach out and complete its vegetative stage in due time. Whether it is a slow or fast in this stage will depend mostly on its genetics as well as the nutrients fed to it. During the vegetative stage, they will need more nitrogen in their fertilizer. Nitrogen is one substance that helps in growing stronger stems and leaves in weed plants. It is an absolute necessity for a growing plant to have more nitrogen elements at this stage of growing.

Marijuana Growing Concerns During the Vegetation stage

Watering is also equally important. Both over and under-watering are inimical to the health of pot plants that's why proper watering must be done on scheduled basis. Ph adjustment may also become necessary and the grower must have a ph metering device to easily determine the acidity of the soil. Sometimes diseases that occur are the result of irregular ph and not lack of nutrients or faulty watering system.

Also part of the vegetation stage is training the marijuana plants in order to make it vigorous and grow more buds during the flowering stage. It is during this stage that an indoor grower in particular makes the needed training like bending, pruning and trimming as well as light adjustments to make the weed plant later on yield more buds. In an outdoor set-up, this is not a concern by the grower because they can just allow the plant to finish vegetation and flower accordingly and still give high yield. Different training techniques like jungle of green, LST, SCROG, SOG, and topping can maximize the yield but it is not meant to make the weed plant grow more buds than its genetics dictate. Through training, they can reach their maximum yield possible but no amount of training can make them exceed what is already a pre-determined capacity.

I topped my weed plants and they grew more top buds instead of just one, is this not a sign of getting more than their usual capacity to grow buds?

Not necessarily. By topping it, you just made them grow several small buds and not one big cola. Comparing the small ones with one big bud would translate to just the same in most cases.

How do I know if I watered my weed correctly?

When growing in pots, you can say that the soil has enough water when it takes long for the water to be absorbed by it. Another is to first touch with your finger the bottom hole of the pot. If the soil is cold, then it still has enough water and there's no need for additional.

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