Knowing what gives marijuana plants the potency when smoked

There are several kinds of high when one smokes marijuana. This is due to the fact that there are so many strains available in the market and the hybrid varieties also contributed much to the many different hits that you will experience when weed is smoked. Another thing that has something to do with the potency of cannabis have something to do with the ways they were grown. If grown in its ideal environment and allowed to vegetate fully as well as finish its full flowering period, pot plants are expected to give its maximum potency.

Knowing what gives marijuana plants the potency when smoked

But the story does not end there because there is also the method of harvesting, drying and curing that all have to be considered. If the harvesting, drying and curing methods are not properly done, the potency is also lost and the expected high may no longer be there when smoked. So it is safe to say that the potency of marijuana plants will depend on a lot of factors starting from the time it was grown up to the time it is cured.

Be that as it may, every strain of marijuana has its own potency level. Let us then try to familiarize with the potency that should be expected from sativa and indica varieties because it is from them that we derive the potency that we are looking for in each smoke.


Sativa has higher THC than CBD. When smoked, sativa will induce a cerebral, energetic and soaring high. You feel alert and jumpy sometimes even happy. This is the result of higher THC content and lower CBD content. Delta-9-tertrahydrocannabinol (THC) is what induces the high in sativa marijuana plants. The lower the CBD, the lighter the feeling will be in terms of high.


Indica varieties have higher CBD than THC. The stronger level of CBD is what induces a heavy and sleepy feeling. Indicas are what others call as a "downer" because with higher CBD content it can send you into a couchlock effect which means you will be sent into dreamland. The high CBD content of indicas is what makes it an ideal medical marijuana plant because it can induce you to physically and mentally relax and be relieved of pain, anxiety, stress and other related ailments.

Which between sativa and indica is better to grow then?

It depends on what type of high you prefer. If you want to feel energized, then go for sativa but if you want to relax, then indica is for you.

What are the immediate side effects if I smoke either sativa or indica?

With sativa, once the high subsides, you will feel tired and will want to relax while with indica, the immediate side effect is energized. This is because your mind and body were able to relax while you were high so when the hit subsides, you will feel rested and ready to go to work.

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