Knowing the Importance of Marijuana Flowering Stage

When your growing marijuana plants start to flower, it is the beginning of a new stage in your crops' life cycle. For most growers, it is the most exciting part of the entire growing process because all the sweat and efforts exerted will start to show in terms of how healthy and numerous the cannabis buds will be. Though more is better in terms of big and potent buds, there is a maximum limit to how many a weed plant can produce buds so all the efforts made are meant to reach that maximum potential. No amount of care, fertilizer and nutritional feedings can make a marijuana plant exceed what its genetic limitation dictates. But it is important to just the same maximize your pot plants potential in terms of flowering so giving them the best care is necessary during the vegetation stage and much more when they reach the blooming phase.

Knowing the Importance of Marijuana Flowering Stage

Flowering marijuana plants require a different set of care as compared to the vegetation stage. First is to determine if your weed plant is ready to flower. In an outdoor set-up where sunlight is constant and there is no adjustment needed, in the case of indoor growing it is different because if the use of artificial lighting. Those who forced the pot plants to flower using light may adjust it to 12/12 or 14/10 accordingly. There are growers who prefer a different light schedule like 10/14 or even 8/16 light and dark cycle and there is no prohibition because the grower's preference is what matters in this instance. But the usual 24/0 full lighting schedule is definitely no longer needed as darkness is an important element of the flowering stage.

Fertilizers and nutrients also need to be changed in terms of NPK ratio. The grower must also see to it that ventilation is ideal and humidity at low levels so as not to damage the buds. Mold and other parasites set in when humidity is high so a good ventilation and unhindered airflow in the grow room is needed.


What are other ways to increase yield of marijuana buds?

Some growers prune their weed plants in order to develop more stems that can grow buds later and it is one way of increasing the number of colas in each plant.

Aside from light, are there other ways to increase the number of flowers of a cannabis plant?

To induce a growing pot plant to flower more, some growers use chemicals that will make the plant give buds and this is a normal practice especially by commercial growers.

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