Knowing the Different Stages of Growing Marijuana Plants

Part of understanding the requirements needed to successfully grow marijuana plants include getting familiar with the different stages involved in the growing process. All the theories given by e-books, forum advices and other ideas will eventually be tested when the time comes that the growing starts. It is the objective of this article to provide the basic but at the same time necessary information you need to know the different stages of growing weed plants.

Knowing the Different Stages of Growing Marijuana Plants

Germination Stage

From seemingly lifeless beans comes the beginning of life for marijuana plants. The essential requisite to start the germination stage is water. Soak the seeds in water and keep it in the dark until it begins to sprout and show signs of life. The ideal water must be purified and free from chemicals.

Vegetation Stage

Right after germination comes the vegetative stage and this is considered in many respects as the longest and at the same time delicate stage. The weed plant will show a pair or two sets of leaves and it upon reaching about 4 to 6 inches in height must be transferred to its permanent growing medium where it will take root and stay there until its finish. The length of vegetative stage will depend on the variety of marijuana plant being grown. Some may take a full 15 weeks to finish this stage while others can compete in just 6 weeks.

Pre-flowering Stage

This is still part of the vegetation stage actually but it is important to identify this period. This is where the weed plant is being prepared for the next stage which is the actual flowering stage. The cannabis plant may need to be trimmed or staked during this stage as a preparation when it starts to bloom.

Flowering Stage

This is the most awaited and perhaps the most exciting especially to new growers. This is also what growers call as the "payback time." But it is also this stage where the grower must be able to identify the male and female weed plants before pollination takes place.

Harvesting Stage

The joy is further heightened when harvest time comes. Proper harvesting techniques must be used by the grower in this regard. As for the timing of harvest, it is best done before the sun comes out and when the pot plants have recovered their THC potency which were lost during day time.

Why do I need to avoid pollination?

When female marijuana plants are pollinated, they will produce seeds in their buds. Having seeds in their buds is not is not ideal for smoking.

Why do buds lose their THC potency during the day?

During day time, the many stressful conditions and the activities that comes with the life of a flowering plant makes it lose its THC content. It will recover lost THC when night sets in.

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