Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of cloning marijuana plants

Cloning is one way of growing marijuana plants that came from exactly the same variety. With cloning, the grower is assured that he has in stock exactly the same genetics being propagated. It is very tempting for a weed grower to start cloning immediately even from an untested female pot plant. Most of the time it is already late in the day when the grower finally realizes that there was something wrong with the way the cloning was done or the mother plant is not as ideal as first thought to be.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of cloning marijuana plants

The disadvantages of cloned weed plants

The first disadvantage is determining exactly if a marijuana plant is ideal for cloning. It is actually a gamble because the cloning is done either during early maturity or flowering. In this stage, it is not yet certain if the strain is really good especially when it comes to potency. Secondly, cloning is good only for commercial weed growers and may not be that ideal for small time growers because of the lack of variety. Most small time growers prefer several varieties to have multiple strains. Lastly, cloned are more difficult as compared to growing from seeds. They are susceptible to a lot of stress and may even die especially when moved frequently and exposed to too much light and even nutrients.

The Advantage of cloning marijuana plants

Despite the perceived disadvantages, still a lot of growers prefer to grow cloned weed plants. More than just getting the experience and acquiring the expertise on how to do it, cloning is actually done more on the side of preserving the characteristics of a particular strain. This is especially true in the case of long-time growers who have grown pot plants of the same strain many times that they are already familiar with it and just want to make sure that they can keep its genetics. Also, it is a surefire way to grow only female weed plants as well as getting rid of the usual germination because the clone enters the vegetation and growth immediately.

Can I clone a clone?

Yes. This is the usual order of things in order to preserve the genetics of the cloned cannabis plant. There are claims that cloning should be made only after a few times because the clone may ultimately lose vigour but there is no scientific evidence to prove this yet.

Is cloning better than growing from seeds?

It depends on your preference. If genetics preservation of a particular variety is your goal, then cloning is better. However, if the desire is to grow more varieties and create a variety from there, then growing from seeds would be better.

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