How to Identify if a Marijuana Plant is Indica or Not

With so many cross breeding being done with all marijuana strains, sometimes it is hard to tell if a weed plant is indica or not. There are supposedly indica dominant strains that have the appearance of a sativa, or an indica appearance but have the effects of a sativa when smoked. It becomes confusing then at times especially if you belong to a group of indica lovers and mistakenly grew or smoked a sativa variety of marijuana plant.

The characteristics of an indica weed plant are as follows:

How to Identify if a Marijuana Plant is Indica or Not


Cannabis Indica is said to have originated from Pakistan, Nepal and the Himalayas, and Adfghanistan. The exact location where it was first discovered by ancient stone-age people is not exactly known. Though it came from Asia and therefore endemic to warm regions of the earth, it can also adapt to colder environments as long as there is a warm season in the climate cycle.

As to height

Indica varieties grow to a medium height. It is not as tall as a sativa and not too short like ruderalis cannabis. It grows broad leaves that are mostly dark green in colour and normally has strong branches and stems to hold its wide leaves effectively. They tend to be bushy depending on the variety. It has shorter vegetation and flowering period as compared to its sativa kin and continues to grow into the flowering stage.

As to the effect when smoked

The effect when smoked is more on the physical side. It will induce a body stoned feeling and translate to a relaxing high affecting both mind and body. Indica is one of the best varieties for medical marijuana patients who need to be relieved from stress and other related ailments. It fosters a numbing effect that is also good for relieving physical and mental pain. In contrast to sativa which has an "UP" high, indica is more of a "downer" and can get you to sleep in no time at all.

Are there still pure indica marijuana strains that I can buy?

Yes. There are still pure landrace indica strains available and some breeders make it a point to propagate pure indica weed strains especially for connoisseurs.

What are the popular indica hybrid marijuana strains that I can buy?

Very popular for several years now are the White widow and Northern Lights. There are also others and it is best to visit our seedbanks to check on the many indica hybrids that are offered for sale.

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