How to Care for Marijuana Plants during the Vegetation Stage

During the vegetation stage of marijuana plants, the grower must know how to properly take care of his growing plants. Aside from being familiar with the watering and nutritional requirements of pot plants, there are still other concerns that must be noted in order to make sure that the benefits available during this stage are maximized.

How to Care for Marijuana Plants during the Vegetation Stage

Nutrients (NPK)

During the vegetative stage, the weed plants need higher level of both Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K). Rapid growth happens in this stage and the roots will grow and penetrate deeper to search for needed nutrients that will make it complete its growing cycle.


Water is the vehicle normally used to deliver nutrients to the marijuana plants. Using water with little or no chlorine is advisable in this regard to prevent the developing leaves from being stressed by chemicals.


In case of indoor growing, there may be a need to increase the light exposure to 18/6 or even round the clock lighting exposure to hasten its growth. In an outdoor setting, the pot plant will jus rely on the normal cycle but it is still advisable that it be exposed to as much sunlight as possible.

Super cropping

It is during the vegetation stage that weed plants are being trained to become adaptable to super cropping techniques preferred by a good number of commercial weed growers. When the marijuana plants start to develop full sized leaves, long or thick stems and solid branches, it is the best time to introduce them to certain adjustments like topping, bending, pinching, and other Low Stress Training (LST) methods. This is again true in the case of indoor growing where the pot plants must be bent in order to allow light penetration down to its bottom leaves.

What are the signs that the marijuana plant is over-watered?

You know your weed plant is over-watered when its leaves droop and curls. To prevent this from happening, set a schedule for watering after you have determined the proper interval in each schedule.

How do I know my pot plants are under-watered?

You can say it is under-watered when the soils is dry and crumples when you lightly squeeze it. As for the marijuana plants, you will notice its leaves drooping and appears lifeless with yellowish colour that leads to drying.

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