Growing Marijuana with either SOG or SCROG growing Methods

Marijuana growers employ different techniques that can help in giving them good harvest. Often, the technique is started right from the time the weed plants have achieved a couple of weeks after the vegetation started. Two of the most popular methods being used are the sea of green and screen of green method. There are several differences between these two methods but the goal is only one and that is to get more yield from the cannabis plants as much as possible. Both methods rely on the effective use of lighting to make the weed plants mature properly during vegetation or even to force flower them to produce buds earlier.

Growing Marijuana with either SOG or SCROG growing Methods

The Differences between SOG and SCROG

With an SOG set-up, all marijuana plants are grown close together. Due to the closeness of the plants with each other, the bottom portion is no longer reached by light and depending on the number of the growing plants, it is no longer possible to prune them of dying leaves. With a screen of green (SCROG), the weed plants are grown close together but the leaves are all on top of the screen with the bottom of the screen not having leaves and only the stems showing. One reason for this is because a SCROG set-up can be done only with a few weed plants like 2 or 4 and so on. This is not possible in the case of sea of green because it will defeat the purpose to begin with.

Another difference is with an SOG asset-up, the light distribution on top is sometimes not even because some cannabis plants may grow taller than the others thus casting shadow. This is not a problem with a SCROG set-up mainly because the tops tend to spread laterally and not upwards so there is even distribution and almost equal light exposure among the leaves and buds. Leaves covering the buds may be trimmed for both methods to enable the buds to have more light.

Which is better then, SOG or SCROG?

It depends on your preference still. SCROG needs to have more set-up because of the screen but at the same time it is not costly and would require only a few hours to build. But SOG is considered better in terms of giving higher yield.

Are there any disadvantages of SCROG as compared to SOG?

Aside from the set-up required, the only disadvantage is the longer vegetation stage for marijuana plants in a screen of green setting as compare to SOG.

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