Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics and its Benefits

Hydroponics growing of cannabis plants is very popular even though it is more expensive than the ordinary growing methods using soil. This is because of the inherent advantages of a hydro set-up compared to the use of traditional soil as the means to grow weed plants. There are many books and materials available online that teaches how to have a hydro set-up and this is complemented even more by the availability of kits where growers can buy ready-made and just assemble in their grow room. If you are still thinking whether to grow weed plants using hydroponics or not, may be the following advantages can convince you to go for it.

Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics and its Benefits

Growth of marijuana plant is faster

It is recognized that with the hydroponics set-up, the pot plants grow faster as compared to a regular soil growing approach. It is said that with hydroponics, you can expect your weed plants to grow 30-50% faster than the usual. This is good news because almost half the time is saved when you grow using hydroponics.

Yield is Bigger with Hydroponics

There is a scientific theory about this and it is said that because of the extra oxygen present in a hydroponics system of growing the roots tend to grow easily. It also has something to do with the instant feeding inherent in hydroponics as compared to soil growing where nutrients must first penetrate deep and some of its potency are lost in the soil mix-up. With more oxygen readily available for the roots, nutrient absorption becomes easy and there is no effort for the roots to search for it because it is readily fed in a hydroponics marijuana growing system. With little effort needed to absorb nutrients, more energy is given for the weed plant to grow faster and to produce more buds.

Is Hydroponics harmful to the environment?

Hydroponics growing of marijuana plants is actually an environment friendly way of growing cannabis plants. It is one way of conserving water as the water in the reservoir is recycled.

Is the growth of weed plants under hydroponics not natural?

It is all natural and the faster growth induced by hydroponics is not meant for pot plants to grow beyond their genetic limitations. It is just a way of making the growing weed plant maximize its own natural potentials.

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