Growing Marijuana Plants Using the best Indoor Set-up

By growing marijuana plant indoors, you are given a lot of choices on how to do it. Unlike outdoors where there are only a few set-ups available, indoor setting has plenty and it is only up to the grower on which of the time-tested grow systems to use. For the inexperienced grower, there are the basic set-up and for the advanced, they can choose from the many hi-tech growing systems available using hydro. Basically, there are only 2 growing systems in an indoor set-up. One is with the use of soil and the other is soilless. With a soilless growing set-up, it only means that soil is not used to grow marijuana and in exchange for it, water is used.

Growing Marijuana Plants Using the best Indoor Set-up

Pot soil growing indoors

This is the most basic and widely used especially by newbies. Weed plants can be grown in pots using nutrient-enriched soil. To make it easier, there are available pre-packaged soils from agricultural shops that can be bought from local sources. Cannabis plants on pots can be grown in small indoor grow rooms like cabinets or even smaller spaces the size of a fridge.

Hydro Growing System

For the advanced growers or those who have knowledge in the intricacies of a hydro growing system, there are so many choices for the grower. Growing cannabis plants using one of the hydro systems is one of the most popular because it can hasten the growth of weed plants by as much as 50%. Yield is also greatly amplified with the grower able to harvest more because the potential and vigour of pot plants are maximized in a hydro growing system.

In both soil and soilless indoor growing of cannabis plants, lighting plays an important role. Aside from nutrients, light plays an indispensable role in the growth of marijuana plants and the grower can use it to hasten both the vegetation and flowering stages. Used strategically, both growing systems as well as lighting can make it easy for anybody to grow marijuana plants.

If I were to grow in pots, would it be better if I grow outdoors instead?

It depends on what you really want. Indoors, you have not much security concerns and you have a say in the performance of your weed plants. Outdoors, your babies can grow naturally as nature intended so it is also good.

Which indoor growing system is the cheapest?

Growing in pots with soil is still the cheapest and most economical. With a hydro system, you have to spend for the set-up but you can use it for a long time on the other hand so the costs can be recovered overtime.

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