Getting to know what gives aroma and taste to marijuana plants

Depending on the strain of marijuana that is being grown, you will notice them emitting a distinct aroma. Having its own distinct smell is normal for every crop but with weed plants, the scent is particularly strong especially with some varieties. There are also cannabis plants that emit very little aroma but they are few and not very popular. The reason being that, the aroma and taste of pot plants have been equated with its potency. The stronger the scent means stronger potency is the usual understanding of some growers.

Getting to know what gives aroma and taste to marijuana plants

Marijuana plants have a substance called Terpene (beta-caryophyllene) that contributes to its flavour and aroma. It is also present in other herbs and spices but is particularly strong in cannabis plants. Some weed plants will emit such a strong scent that it can linger inside the grow room and even attach to clothes that it becomes difficult to hide and becomes a problem that most of the time requires the grower to be innovative or spend more money eliminating the odour.

Over the years the non-stop breeding and cross-breeding of marijuana strains has led to the creation of hybrids with stronger and powerful aroma. Some of them are pungent or skunky while others have a sweet and fruity aroma. One reason for the creation of strong flavoured pot strains is the idea that the Terpene in cannabis contributes to the strength of potency and psychoactive effects. Thus for medicinal purposes, the stronger the scent the better it is for medical marijuana smokers.

Weed plants will start to emit its aroma the moment it starts to flower. It is when it starts to bloom that the flowers will release the substance that causes its smell. During the vegetation stage, no aroma will come out from the plant and only by pinching the leaves can you get an idea of how it would smell when the flowering stage comes. Depending on the strength of aroma, growers use different techniques to mask its odour in order to avoid detection.

Is it possible for the aroma of one marijuana plant to be transferred to another?

Yes, and this is possible only in cross-breeding. Breeders go through some extent in the process of breeding just to get one weed plant to have the aroma of both its parents combined.

What cannabis plants normally have strong scent when flowering?

Those coming from Africa and Asia have particularly strong scent like the Skunk varieties. There are also those especially bred for the purpose of having a distinct aroma like chocolate and cheese in the case of UK Cheese strain.

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