Getting to know more the Cannabis Ruderalis Variety

Out of the 3 known varieties of cannabis, ruderalis is the least popular. This is mainly because ruderalis marijuana plants have almost no THC content and therefore has little or no commercial value to smokers. It is not an understatement when someone tells you that all you'll get is terrible headache if you smoke its buds. So for individual growers with no commercial or breeding interest, this weed variety is simply not to be given a second look.

Over the years however breeders have given ruderalis a second look and identified positive traits that are not present in both indica and sativa marijuana varieties. It may not have the desired level of THC potency but it has special characteristics that if harnessed and fused with its two other kins will spell a breakthrough in developing new hybrid strains. This is the direction right now of many breeders and a lot of hybrid pot strains are now carrying genetics of ruderalis.

Getting to know more the Cannabis Ruderalis Variety

Resistance to Pests

Ruderalis is a true-blue weed plant that can survive in almost any growing environment. Just like the sturdy grass, it can flourish and even defeat other plants in terms of getting the required nutrients from soil. On top of this, ruderalis has strong pest resistance and therefore has very little natural adversaries.

The strongest and shortest among the cannabis family

Of the three varieties of cannabis, ruderalis is the most versatile and can withstand even the harshest climate. It is also the shortest among the three and therefore can finish early because of its small size.


Unlike sativa and indica, ruderalis marijuana plants are not dependent on the light cycle in terms of flowering. It will start to bloom according to its age independent of both light and dark cycle. Keep it in the dark for long periods and it will still flower because it has its own biological clock just like animals. It will flower no matter the condition is and will finish flowering according to its terms unhindered by any changes in its environment.

In what way can sativa and indica varieties benefit from ruderalis?

By crossing indica or sativa weed plants with ruderalis, the special characteristics of ruderalis can be transferred genetically to both of them but this involves a scientific approach that only true breeders can do.

If I were to buy a pot strain with ruderalis genetics, what is the best way to grow them?

If the hybrid has both pest resistance and auto-flowering characteristics, then you can grow them indoor or outdoor. Any which way you want and they will just grow according to their terms. it is not affected by light cycle so no need to grow them under intense lighting.

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