Getting to Know Marijuana Plant Bugs, Mildew and Mold

If you want to know what kind of bugs, mold and mildew you can expect to infest your marijuana plants, then this short but rich in information article is for you.

Getting to Know Marijuana Plant Bugs, Mildew and Mold

There are plenty of bugs that feast on your weed plants and they are: Spider Mites � very common in growing cannabis plants and can infest both indoor and outdoor crops. The leaves will appear speckled then slowly dry and drop prematurely.
Thrips � They are a bit bigger than mites. Leaves will become yellowish or with white marks when bitten by them.
Whitefly - They are winged pests and they can be easily identified. To find out if you have this bug, shake your pot plant and you will see them hovering in pure white colour.
BudWorms � One of the worst, budworms bury themselves deep in the buds and eat it from the inside out. Leaf-eating caterpillars � this leaf devourer is easy to detect because they just stay outside on the leaves so they be easily removed. They can eat big chunks of leaves in a short time so they must be removed immediately once detected.
Crane Fly � Just like the fungus gnats, they eat the roots of weed plants. If this happens, it will be difficult for the roots to process nutrients. Fungi � Botrytis or gray mold is a marijuana adversary that is difficult to detect during the early stages. They will consume the buds from inside out. This fungus will wait until the weed plant is fully flowered because they love to devour ripening buds. Another is Downy mildew but this one causes less destruction. They can be identified during the early stages as spots of whitish or yellowish on top of the leaves.
Streak and Mosaic viruses � When you notice your marijuana plant leaves forming a white or yellowish circling on top of the leaves, you are almost sure you have virus infection on them. Leaves will later on wilt under the pressure caused by these viruses.

How can I prevent insects from infesting my grow room?

Foremost is to make sure that you have your grow room secured against possible outside elements exposure. This can be done by setting a filter for air intake and other ways to purify the air coming into the grow room.

What can I do to prevent fungi and mold from attacking my marijuana plants?

It starts with cleanliness. Before starting an indoor grow room set-up, make sure everything is clean. No rugs, and carpets and other materials that can start mold should be there. Next is to control humidity to ideal levels of below 50%.

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