Getting familiar With the characteristics of Sativa Marijuana Plants

There are only 3 varieties of cannabis all over the world and they are Sativa, indica and ruderalis. Though all belonging to the cannabis family, each of these varieties has its own characteristics that is distinct from the other. For growers and smokers too, it is important to be familiar with the salient characteristics of each of them and decide which is the ideal variety to be grown given a particular growing environment. For our purposes, we will concentrate on the sativa first.

Getting familiar With the characteristics of Sativa Marijuana Plants


Sativa has its origins mainly from countries such as Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Columbia. It thrives best if grown in countries near the equator but hybridization and different growing techniques enabled it also adapt to colder climates.

It is a tall weed plant

The sativa variety is the tallest among the three. It can grow up to 20 feet in some instances if given enough space to fully vegetate. Some sativa varieties can grow with thin branches making them look lanky while others can grow with lots of strong stems that make them look like a Christmas tree. Sativa takes time to finish its vegetative stage and this is because of its large size but it is the highest yielding among the family of cannabis varieties. Its leaves are narrow as compared to both indica and ruderalis, and has mostly light green colour.

The effect when smoked

Sativa marijuana fosters a cerebral effect when smoked. It is an ideal daytime smoke depending on the strain and THC content. Its potent THC level can induce an "UP" high characterized by an energetic, trippy, and happy feeling lasting for a few hours depending on the tolerance level of the smoker. Because of this emotional effect, this weed is ideal also for medical marijuana patients who need relief from symptoms of depression and related disorders.

Are there ways to shorten the growing period of sativa pot plants?

Yes and this means hybridization or introducing another genetic that has fast-flowering characteristics. In order not to lose the pure sativa genes, backcrossing to its sativa parent is resorted by breeders and this may take several generations.

Are there ways to prevent sativa marijuana plants from growing too tall?

Yes and one of the approach is trimming. Training weed plants to stay short or tall can be done in a scientific manner without much stress to the plant.

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