Feeding and Growing Marijuana Indoor and Outdoor for Beginners

When you decide to grow cannabis plants, the tendency is to first scour for the needed information on how best they should be taken care of. You are so excited that like a sponge, you are ready to absorb all information that comes your way and looking at the information presented will decide on the appropriate means to how to grow cannabis plants. There is no problem with this approach and actually mostly the case for all beginners in the field of marijuana cultivation.

Feeding and Growing Marijuana Indoor and Outdoor for Beginners

But sometimes there are important matters that are overlooked in the haste to grow weed plants like the genetics of the strain desired to be grown. You have to remember that in growing pot plants, the entire efforts during the cultivation period will only translate to about 10% of the need for marijuana plants to grow. 90% of its genetics will determine how they are supposed to grow, how long they should stay in the vegetation stage, and how much yield they can give. It's like having a high and low meter for their growth cycle. Without human intervention, they might reach only their minimum level of growth but with a scientific approach, they can reach their maximum potential. There is nothing that can make marijuana plants exceed what their genetics dictate so all the efforts exerted are just meant for them to reach their maximum potential. Thus, choosing the ideal genetics by knowing their history is an important matter that must be considered. Did your weed plants come from an IBL strain, landrace, or crossbreed from different strains are just some of the questions that you must be able to familiarize yourself with.

When it comes to fertilizing your growing weed plants, some manufacturers of fertilizers also add to the confusion because of the technical specs on their labels. Some tend to advice that the more the fertilizer the better especially during the flowering stage because it will translate to more yield. Remember that your cannabis plants are not chickens that must be fattened and make to finish growing in a matter of days so they can be harvested. Study your growing weed plants and make the decision for yourself when and how they should be properly fertilized.

How do I know if my weed plants come from good genetics?

The first thing to do when you decide to grow is to get your strain only from a reliable source. It helps to be a member of marijuana growing forums and get more ideas from those who have actually grown marijuana plants..

Are there cannabis strains that are prone to pests and diseases?

Yes. This is one example of bad genetics. If the marijuana plant came from a parent that is prone to having diseases, you can almost be sure that its offspring will have diseases too.

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