Essential Practices during the Vegetative Stage of Marijuana Plants

The vegetation stage is easily the most important part of growing marijuana plants. During this stage, it will rapidly grow and proceed to next stage which is the flowering stage. The blooming stage will introduce the weed plant to another part of the growing process and it is important for the grower to prepare his plants for the changes it will experience to maximize its full potential in terms of producing the needed buds.

Essential Practices during the Vegetative Stage of Marijuana Plants

Training your weed plants

It is during the vegetation stage that pot plants must be trained. While their branches and stems are still not that sturdy, they can be arched or bent in such a way that will allow the grower some leeway in terms of lighting the lower portion of the plants in case of both indoor and outdoor growing. Doing these becomes difficult when they have already matured and may even result in breaking of the branches if forced. Training is also important in terms of preventing the pot plant from growing too tall or bushy and this is done in the case of trimming and topping.

Cash Cropping

Also known as super cropping, this method is employed by commercial weed growers. There are several approaches to super cropping like SOG, SCROG, LST, and HST. Some of these methods are also used during the flowering stage but they are best during the vegetation stage and while the plant is still young but already strong enough. The main purpose is always to enable the cannabis plant to grow more buds from top to bottom.

Sexing marijuana plants

This is very important and the grower must be ready to identify the male from the female weed plants. Failure to do this may result in the pollination of the female plants resulting in seeds in its buds which is not ideal for commercial purposes.

What is the best method that can be used in super cropping?

The use of super cropping methods will depend on the preference of growers. They all have the same end-result and you just have to choose which is easier and practical for your grow.

Why is there a need to train weed plants when they're supposed to be able to grow on their own?

There is no need to train pot plants if you don't want to. Training is just meant to increase the yield of buds. But if you intend to grow marijuana plants on a consistent basis, it is advisable to learn a particular super cropping technique.

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