Effective Ways to Eliminate Odour from the Growroom of Weed Plants

Just like other strong scented plants, some weed varieties emits an aroma that is strong and easily recognizable it can even reach your next neighbour's house and even those from the opposite street especially if the atmosphere is not airy. The odour and the intensity of its emission may differ according to the variety of the growing cannabis plant. Some may be offensive to the senses while others may emit an attractive even juicy and fruity smell like the blueberry and pineapple strains. But no matter the scent emitted may be, some people can still tell if its marijuana they sense or something else.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Odour from the Growroom of Weed Plants

Indoor method of growing cannabis usually has the biggest concern when it comes to odour. Because the growroom has limited air circulation as compared to an outdoor growing, the tendency is to get a concentration of the said aroma inside and then seep outside into the rest of the neighbourhood. Outdoor growing does not suffer much from this unless there is a really big area where growing weeds are planted and the place is basically a residential area. In cases where the growing weed is planted in mountainous areas away from people, odour is not a problem really because there the free air flowing naturally will absorb and dissolve the scent emitted by weed plants. Some of the strategies used by indoor pot growers may include any or all of the following:

Regularly cook food.

The aroma of a food being cooked can mask the scent emitted by marijuana plants. The problem is it is not always that you need to cook food so it is just a temporary but at the same time inexpensive approach.

Air fresheners

Along with a ventilation system with an exhaust up in the roof, air fresheners are a cheap way of controlling the aroma emitted by flowering marijuana plants. You can use incense and burn them, car fresheners, and other inexpensive methods.

Active Carbon filters

If you want instant and lasting solution, then install active carbon filters. You may need to calculate the size of the grow room and determine how many active carbon filters are needed.

Are there marijuana varieties that do not have strong aroma?

Yes. Those who grow in populated areas actually prefer to grow marijuana plants that are odourless.

What are other ways of controlling odour of cannabis plants?

There are several more but it always begin with a good ventilation system that dissolves in the air the concentration of odour in the grow room.

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