Choosing the ideal Set-up for Growing Marijuana Outdoors

So you have decided to grow marijuana outdoors and you want to know which is the ideal outdoor growing system to be used given the many options available. There are several types of outdoor growing and it is up to the grower to decide which is applicable to his particular situation.

Choosing the ideal Set-up for Growing Marijuana Outdoors


Given the requirements of weed plants in terms of the needed attention, a backyard setting is ideal for most small-time growers. With high fence and enough security, it is one of the chosen means of many growers.


Those who have no garden or backyard prefer to grow on their roof top. It is one of the ideal spots especially by those who live in condominiums or buildings in urban or commercial districts.


This method is especially applicable to cannabis plants that does not grow tall and can fit in most balconies. Small or short varieties can grow effectively in pots or buckets and they can also be moved inside whenever the need arises.

Guerilla Growing

This involves choosing a location that is far from the place of the grower. The main goal is not to be identified or traced as the one growing the pot plants. Abandoned lots or far-away uninhabited places are mostly the ideal setting to do guerrilla growing of pot plants.

Mountainside Growing

This method is used by big and commercial growers. With a mountainside location, the marijuana plants are grown in their ideal environment surrounded by other crops and trees and away from prying eyes of other people. Some grow cannabis between corn crops because it can provide a decent cover.


This is also considered as one of the methods for outdoor growing with the features of an indoor set-up. The set-up may be a bit costly but the grower is assured that the marijuana plants are fully secured against parasites and pests.

Do I need to have equipments for outdoor growing?

Every growing concern needs some equipment. It could be as simple as having pots and a shovel and a pair of buckets for watering. It could be more expensive in the case of a greenhouse set-up where an entire growing space must be enclosed by specific materials used in such a method.

What is the best outdoor environment for marijuana plants?

All outdoor environments are ideal for weed growing. There are some varieties however that are ideal for tropical climates and there are also those that must be grown in a cold weather. When choosing the strain to be grown outdoors, it is best to also consider where it is normally endemic.

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