Choosing the Ideal Marijuana Plants Variety to Grow in both Indoor and Outdoor Setting

When you decide to grow marijuana, you want to do it right the first time around so as not to waste the efforts exerted during the entire growing period. There are some growers who failed right from the start and decided that it is just not for them because they don't have the green thumb to succeed in this endeavour. But more often, the mistakes committed were very trivial and could have easily been corrected if the basics of cannabis cultivation are followed. Let us now look at the basics that must be followed in choosing the ideal weed strain that can be grown either indoor or outdoor.

Choosing the Ideal Marijuana Plants Variety to Grow in both Indoor and Outdoor Setting

Outdoor Growing

Though pot plants are originally grown outdoors, there are varieties right now that are intended only for an outdoor setting and in particular climates. When growing outdoors, it is important to look for strains that thrive best in this set-up. Landrace marijuana strains are ideal in this regard as well as tall plants. Some say that most sativas are ideal for outside growing and this is true in most part but not completely because there are also some sativa varieties that can grow effectively indoors.

Indoor Set-up

Most of the weed plants ideal for indoor setting is short to medium in height and this is where hybrids come into the picture. Hybridization of cannabis plants actually paved the way for a lot of hybrids that can be grown in an indoor setting and effectively made it easier for growers to take care of their grow and even dictate how it would perform during both the vegetative and flowering stage. There are also pure strains that are good for an inside set-up and this also includes tall varieties.

In choosing the best marijuana strain for either indoor, outdoor or both, don't miss out to check the specifications given by the breeder. It also helps if you visit online forums to know more about the variety you desire to grow.

If I grow an outdoor strain in an indoor set-up are they going to die?

Not really. Marijuana plants are strong and versatile that they can manage to survive even in harsh environment. But the problem might come in the form of stunted growth or lesser yield which could be more if it is grown in its ideal outdoor environment.

What makes a weed strain a hybrid?

Hybridization is the result of crossing two or more varieties of marijuana plants in order to produce a different strain with the characteristics of its parents.

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