Caring for Marijuana Plants During the Vegetation Stage

The vegetation stage is one of the most demanding stage in the life cycle of a marijuana plant. Coming from a sprout, it begins its life and will grow very slowly but steadily in about a few weeks time. Depending on the strain being grown, the vegetation stage can last in as short as a few weeks to as long as several months especially if grown outdoors. It is during the vegetation stage that weed plants are treated like babies and they are given all the needed nutrients and lighting requirements to make sure that they grow healthy and strong and be ready to handle the stress of the flowering stage.

Caring for Marijuana Plants During the Vegetation Stage

The growth of cannabis plants is fast during the vegetation stage. They would grow steadily in height and will sprout leaves all over. Light plays an important role in an indoor set-up in the growing of pot plants. Growers who want their plants to grow faster expose them to a 24/0 light cycle. With no dark periods, weed plants are expected to continue growing and they will try to reach for the light especially tall strains. Pruning and cutting is done at this stage to make sure that the plants will not grow too tall. It is also one way of making the plant grow more stems. More stems mean more places for the buds to grow so it is basically a two pronged approach.

During the pre-flowering stage, which is basically still part of vegetation, the grower must be able to identify the male plants from the female in order to prevent accidental pollination. The use of a magnifying glass may be needed because the sexes are still not visible at this stage. Male marijuana plants grow taller than female ones during the vegetation stage so tall plants must be separated. All of these coupled with the right watering schedule and proper nutritional feeding are part and parcel of the weed plant's early life before the flowering stage sets-in and considered as the most demanding stage on the part of the grower.

What is long vegetation and Short vegetation?

Looking at the strains only, it can refer to those varieties that take long to fully finish vegetation as compared to strains that finish in just a few weeks. As for growing styles, longer vegetation could mean exposing the weed plant to 24 hour lighting continuously without any dark periods. While short vegetation would mean force-flowering the plant to leave the vegetation earlier and produce buds.

What is the best way to water pot plants?

Frequency of watering will depend on the actual need of your crops. You have to look at your plants' needs. If the soil looks dry, then it is time to water. If not, then there is no need and this is also the same with nutrients. Know the best time to water them and this also goes the same when it comes to their nutritional requirements.

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